Creating Inviting Spaces Using Farmhouse Style Design

Once you step into a home designed in the rustic farmhouse style, you can’t help but feel relaxed and at ease. Time slows down in settings reminiscent of country lifestyles, as if harkening back to a simpler time.
There are many elements to a successful farmhouse design, not the least of which is rustic furniture and decor. Farmhouse furniture and decor can best be described as warm, comfortable, and laid back, while still maintaining elements of modern chicness and sophistication. Think soft woods, interior barn doors, and decor designed to bring outdoor details into the interior of the home.
Some of the biggest farmhouse influences can be found in kitchens. Large, tub-style sinks are often the keystones of a rustic farmhouse kitchen. The design can be further enhanced with farm decor and wall art that transcends viewers to a bucolic setting.


The living room is another opportunity to showcase rustic furniture in the farmhouse style. A coffee table might be a simple design of aged wood contrasted with metal frames and legs. Seating may consist of wooden sled-style chairs with a neutral toned cushion, and the sofa could be of a rolled armrest style with a classic diamond tuft detail.
Walls might be adorned with a scene of a landscape filled with trees and a barn, hung in a rustic wooden frame, drawing in the neutral colors from the decor. An accent wall could be finished with repurposed wood to bring elements of the outdoors inside. Lighting fixtures with Edison bulbs complete the look.

The dining room is always the most popular place to gather with friends or family in the farmhouse style home. These dining rooms are always comfortable and functional, and never intimidating like in some other style of home. Farmhouse dining tables are characteristically large, wooden tables with similar matching wood ladder-back chairs. There is often a matching buffet or hutch to display collectible items, trinkets, or even your favorite dinnerware.
There are endless possibilities for designing your dream farmhouse style home for any room in the house. From bathrooms to kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms, there is a rustic furniture piece or decor item that will suit your vision for a warm and inviting farmhouse style home. A combination of rustic and vintage styles, coupled with modern elements will make your home a place where friends and family want to gather for holidays and celebrations, and give your home the personality and charm it deserves.

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