Ideas for Farmhouse Bedding

Ideas for Farmhouse Bedding
Nothing is cozier than sleeping in late on a cool Saturday morning enveloped in soft sheets and fluffy blankets to keep warm sipping on coffee or catching up on the latest news.. With the right farmhouse bedding, this style can easily be introduced into the home by sticking to a couple design principles of an elegant yet functional farmhouse style.
When most people think of farmhouse bedding, usually plaids and rustic patterns immediately come to mind. Today, farmhouse style is more sophisticated than these patterns. With the variety of farmhouse bedding available to purchase, there is sure to be a style that fits every preference and price point to make a fun bedroom overhaul possible.

One element that is signature farmhouse for bedding is layers. Farmhouse bedding sets are known for having throw pillows, fun duvet covers, and maybe even an heirloom quilt folded at the foot of the bed. Combining and styling all of these layers correctly makes for a warm and inviting space and will give the bedroom a sense of welcoming renewal.
A down comforter or soft duvet is the most important aspect of a farmhouse bedding set, because all of the other pieces must tie into it. Upon entering any bedroom, the eye is immediately drawn to the comforter, so it’s important to have a style or pattern that sets the tone for the aesthetic you want to establish. Not every farmhouse bed setup needs to have a pattern on the bed. Some very effective farmhouse bedding sets employ neutral or earthy tones to more easily match themes around the home.

Pillows are a fun way to enhance the expression in the room. Since pillows are emblematic of a farmhouse bedding theme, consider adding throw pillows with a vintage pattern or even neutral colors to match the comforter or duvet. The possibilities for throw pillows are endless!
Lastly, no farmhouse bed would be complete without a decorative quilt to complement the farmhouse styling in the bedroom. Some choose to incorporate handmade quilts, perhaps an heirloom piece, while others will place a bold quilt at the foot of the bed for a pop of color in an otherwise neutral colored room. Quilts are the ultimate accessory to show off your love for farmhouse styling, so find one that speaks to you!

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