Best Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Effective farmhouse bathroom decor is an easy way to carry the farmhouse theme into areas of the home that are usually less decorated. While not every homeowner is in a position to remodel a bathroom, there are many ways to spruce up your existing bathroom for a great farmhouse feel for you and your guests.

Consider a wooden sign or wooden hooks near the entrance. These items can add a sense of place (and practicality) to your new bathroom for guests. Also near the door, add a simple yet elegant towel ring or towel hook with a fun, classic farmhouse hand towel. Don’t forget to match your shower curtain or bath mat!

The countertop is a chance to display the simple elegance of farmhouse design. Understated toothbrush holders or soap dispensers with brass finishes fit the farmhouse style. Shelving with wire baskets to hold toilet paper or towels similarly evokes the farmhouse look and would make any bathroom look great.

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