Choosing the Perfect Farmhouse Style Sink and Faucet

One of the most unique characteristics of a farmhouse style home is the kitchen sink. The traditional look for farmhouse sinks is generally a porcelain apron style, but there are so many other options to suit your design style and personal preferences.
In more traditional times, the farm sink was a center of activity in rural homes. Often two-basined, these sinks were used to wash dishes, do laundry, and other household chores. Because of the versatility, these sinks are often oversized to accommodate the extra functionalities. Luckily, modern conveniences negate the need for a sink this practical, but the aesthetic of any kitchen is still enhanced with a traditional style farm sink and faucet.
Farm sinks for the kitchen can come in porcelain, stainless steel, and even bronze or copper for especially rustic charm. Each material has its own character and benefits and is available at most any price point. For example, a stainless steel sink is durable and gives off industrial vibes, while a ceramic sink might be more traditional. Bronze will be durable too, but keep in mind the color darkens over time with use.
Deciding to undermount a farm sink or flush mounting is another consideration. A flush mount sink will be even with the countertop and an undermount will be underneath the surrounding countertop. While most homes have the latter, farm sinks are available in either variety.


Choosing a farm faucet is just as important as picking the sink itself. Authentic farm sink faucets traditionally have been brushed nickel, bronze, or copper, but these days most metals conform with the farmhouse design style. Farm faucets are also available in traditional bridge faucets, wall mounted for smaller spaces, and even commercial grade with sprayers. Another popular style is the wall-mounted pot filler style over the stove, which prevents carrying a heavy pot from the main sink prior to boiling water.
When it comes to the sheer variety of farm sinks and faucets, there is surely a right fit for every style and budget. Nothing ties together a warm kitchen with character quite like a well designed authentic farm sink and charming faucet.

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